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alkemystic 10/08/2013

Equator Audio Research D8 : alkemystic's user review

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I was looking for a pair of high-end monitors for a pretty tight budget. I had to replace my Fostex PM5, which I found a bit nbuleuse at the bottom, and that surcrot instruments began to age (tweeter's tired right speaker.
I use them in a home studio configuration without acoustic treatment. I mix exclusively metal. Suffice to say that a certain degree of precision in the midrange is Req ...
I had read a lot of very positive comments about the D5, logieuses some pretty critical about these new models glns on Gearslutz persuaded me to buy this model, which goes down a bit lower than its little sisters.


They embellish anything, but they allow the use of instruments ideally placed in a mix. As such, they are stupfiantes of precision. I worked with much yet chres speakers that gave me less confident in my choices. My mixes sound more ars, clear with these monitors with my Fostex (not the same range either ...). The bottom is very accurate, which means that below certain frequencies, it is not always very noticeable, but this is not the bottom Gnant, anyway this does not affect the result in the end chain. Image stro incredible, extremely dynamic ... dynamic. To the ends of mastering, is happiness. I understand better how the effects that I apply, and suddenly, I'm much more thrifty. My PC thank me ...


I have since September. No pride adaptation: I seem to have always worked with. What a comfort! And what a price!
I love everything about these speakers, including the unpleasant trick that can immediately take certain sonorits when bad decisions are made.
Some dplorent bass a bit skinny, but since I mix VERY reasonable volumes - I am obliged by my config. - This does not cause me any problem, and the case where I need to hear more clear there, I work three minutes to adjust the headphone. For use as I have, it is the idales speakers. ACTUALLY, I feel that my mixes are more powerful and accurate since I possde these little wonders.