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arnoldorodeo 10/15/2014

Event Electronics Opal : arnoldorodeo's user review

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To follow my Prism Orpheus and make my audio chain something coherent, I had quality speakers. So I opted for Opal (after a few months of savings)
Domestic use: composition & audio mixing at home.
I followed (perhaps foolishly?) The advice of some audiophiles who advise prowling brand new enclosure for about twenty hours, with a varied program and a medium level.
Note: Many users have complained in the AF forums big worries about buzz on tweeters, sometimes breath. I must say here that mine are ultra silent series "G", which would mean that Event since corrected this for the reliability of its products.


I expect the mic & the software to check the inherent EQ curve to my studio (already insulated) but as is any noticeable bump.
The dynamics are impressive ... a sense of esthetic power (Opal are very robust, 23 kg) & sound, ultra-precise even at low speed.
The stereo image: So there it falls mystical experience! Garbot melody, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Leigh Nash, Dave Gahan, everything is clear, limpid, reverbs prove unpretentious, any compression (or error mix!) Transpires immediately. The 3D effect so hammered about these monitors is not a qualifier usurped.
At the spectrum, the bass is very very clear: to set your eq a kick or bass, which saves time! I found the mid-high rendering of a little tense or stiff at first. And then you realize that all this is just specific, real, no artifacts supposedly on the horizon, just a break-in required.
Also worth noting that I have not experienced these days no ear fatigue later in the day.


In the end I use them for a fortnight at 7 to 8 hours / day. This is an excellent investment, albeit expensive, but as one of my relatives said "the price is forgotten, the quality remains".
Small problem: the on-off switch at the back of the speakers ... just no one point of view ergonomic.
For the rest I urge you to listen to them, for example with one of your favorite titles. It is a pure delight.
If I had to make a synthesis of these speakers, it would be termed a "sound microscope ', sort of revealing musical details, all with such power that finally brings me to write: Event Opal = robustness, reliability Sound & total clarity.