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Ramses28 01/31/2012

Event Electronics Opal : Ramses28's user review

«  Monsters of accuracy! »

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I bought these speakers after reading various reviews across the net, without even hearing. I thought that if all the sound engineers were in agreement that this is the best speakers in the area, why hesitate?

I use them for everything but mainly the mix, I think it would have been useful in the composition arrangement etc ... What if, in fact, at least we know directly is going to sound like such instrument or synthesizer.


- The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral?

Uh neutral? just my n'veu!

- The dynamics are respected? ...

It n'peut better!

- The stereo image is good?

As they say down home: you can not test! Excellent stereo!

- The sound is clear and precise on the spectrum?

I mean yeah! There's no clearer!


I use these speakers recently, but they have radically changed my life in small mixer Sunday!
Finally I had before with the HS50 HS10 sub so I always made both extremes! But I've heard a lot of speakers (HS50, HS80, RP5 VXT8, KH120 (very good by the way), BM5A etc.) and I can tell you that apart from Adam MP1, I have not heard anything better . What is unfortunate is that I could not compare with the speakers of the same order price (or Focal Twin Adam S3X) but I can tell you that they are monsters! Accurate across the spectrum, good dynamic stereo bluffing, finally I could not find fault! It is a pleasure to mix with, no nasty surprises when you listen to his mixes on TV or in the car and then frankly it makes it easier, no need to strain to hear the little things the reverbs are clearly audible even small, precise bass etc, finally they are pregnant to have I think!
Question quality / price ratio, I would say that it is expensive but you can see why!
And yes I do it again this choice without problems, it can not be disappointed by these speakers, I think, finally!

Well, I think not to have forgotten, if so I will return to this article.