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chandrasekar 03/11/2010

Event Electronics Opal : chandrasekar's user review


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Mix / premastering

I knew the brand, having possessed ASP8 (very good speakers in their price range).
This is a totally different design. I found these speakers ... by listening to a user.


Extremely accurate stereo image. Obvious spatial localization of sources.

Pregnant "revealing" to discover, even at low level tools (eg very small discreet percussion) present in securities
Yet listened dozens of times on several different plays!

Impressive level of detail across the spectrum.

- Graves very "tense", and further farms at a time (they outperform everything I've tested in this price range).
Very impressive. Adding a Sub seems superfluous.
- Treble never aggressive but still chiseled. Detailed, but well integrated into the overall refund.
- Medium and low medium very specific: the voices become really easy to work.
Small drawback: you'll have trouble re-listen to some of your old mix ;-)

The overall dynamic is amazing! Feeling "in the orchestra"


Used for 4 months

Adam tried S3 (excellent speaker, perhaps a little more aggressive, less dense in the lower midrange)
Focal Twin (just as interesting, but with less safe in the grave)
K & H O300D (superb pairs, but perhaps less "tonic", dynamic)

These speakers, in my opinion, belong to the forefront in terms of listening nearby, next to 3 pairs mentioned above (among others). Sensation aeration (stereo amazing), power, even at low listening level (dynamic). Accuracy of the response curve, providing, also a sense of homogeneity.

Event has raised a good bet in a relatively compact enclosure (but not lightweight: 23 kg).
Warning, these require mandatory Opal acoustics treated seriously for profit (lower spectrum, in particular)