Event Electronics TR8

TR8, Active Monitor from Event Electronics in the TR series.

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NoBeat 11/03/2005

Event Electronics TR8 : NoBeat's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Frequency response 35Hz-20KHz
Usage Mix Hip Hop / Jungle / Break Core
Soundcraft Compact 10 + sound card RME Rpm: use turntables and mix prod computer music


The bass is deep while remaining well defined, the mids / highs are clear without being aggressive. They are not tiring to the ears, may have mix all night (or day) without head like a watermelon!
The stereo image is good if you are careful placement, the vent is located on the front which is handy.
As for the frequency curve, is there a reference in this area? which speakers are telling the truth? I have a good ear? I will not go into Afirma bad, my ears are not measuring microphones and my brain is not an analysis software, all I can say is that my mixes sound good on strings, in my car, headphone, and I have never committed any major errors mix with these speakers


I use them for 5 months and I am very happy with my choice. I tried Alesis M1, M BX8 Audio, Behringer B2031A, KRK RP8, Yamaha MSP10, Mackie HR824.Parmis all these models the Event TR8 have the best value / price on it is not as good as the Yam and the Mackies, the price is not the same either, but they are not ashamed to deal with these models are worth more than double the price .
I have paid 679 euros a pair in a store in Nantes (rue de Strasbourg).
I would do without hesitation that choice, except perhaps with the TR8 XL which are the same and more powerful, but my neighbors yelling with those already there so I would wait to leave my apartment and have a house!