Focal CMS 40
Focal CMS 40

CMS 40, Active Monitor from Focal in the CMS series.

Massimino 01/24/2014

Focal CMS 40 : Massimino's user review


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The Focal foremost is one of the best brand in this field.
size monitors: In home studio is perfect
The cabinet design

Home studio. Monitoring for mixing: main use.

Connected to a UCX RME interface but I put out a D / A converter gender Mytek or Lavry to get the best (although RME enough for now).


The curve is fairly neutral but yes to get the best there must be a break-in period of minimum 20 hours

the sound is clear, very precise with a stereo pretty well respected for speakers this size picture. Pan left / right feels quite clearly and dynamics nothing wrong it is good.


I've had one month and a half. I already had behringer and Mackie speakers but they do not play in the same league ... Before upgrade my converters I wanted to be on my monitor so done.

Yes I do it again this choice depending on the size of my studio if it there's room I will take the focal cms 65 ...