Fostex PM-1
Fostex PM-1

PM-1, Active Monitor from Fostex in the PM series.

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Mandolman 02/25/2004

Fostex PM-1 : Mandolman's user review


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I wanted to sound quality in order to make models that go everywhere. And there is no significant distortion in sound reproduction. It is in a professional that I used.

I have a Tascam US branches to 428 and gives very good


- The curve frequency drives is it sufficiently neutral?
Yes for me, and I am very demanding

- Stereo image is good?
Excellent, I stro Discoveries effects on CD which I do not even have supper there.

- The sound is clear and prcis across the spectrum?
It is simply beautiful. perfect for both classical music than techno ...


I am blown away by these speakers I've experienced before you buy.
It was for me a small piece (and my room of 15 M2 are super strong (I'm a quarter of its power and they do not saturate the bottom)
The bass is really respect and prcises (slightly less than the M6 ​​but must also see the price)
Pan impressive because it can be in space or are the instruments. (In a classical orchestra is important) and that was my scotch.
Discoveries I subtleties in the songs, which copes me despite my headphone costs at or very good Hi-Fi
They reveal the mistakes ... and registration for mixing is crucial
A report quality price gnial. I heard Tapco, the MSP5 (its a little box), and M6 (but I have yet to win the lotto), the Berhinger, the Alesis .... but that s the FOXTEX 'come out victorious.
I rediscover all my CDs and electro acoustic pieces, is happiness. (Ahhhh glisss the strings on the guitar, ptits lick of the flute ....)

I would do without this choice hsiter. It matches my tastes, and criteria of neutrality.
I made them listen to a sound Ing silent breath of quality for that price ... and a bottle ... So why hsiter?