Fostex PM-2
Fostex PM-2

PM-2, Active Monitor from Fostex in the PM series.

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Ingmar 10/13/2005

Fostex PM-2 : Ingmar's user review


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Little comment since I am often asked this by email: If you hsitez between PM1 and PM2, PM2 take, low mdiums serious and are a bit better than the PM1. If your budget is tight the PM1 is choose!

I am tired of my my Genelec 1031A which I found too tiring, which is probably part of my environment because of my time to ingson begins CF career, they were found all over the big studios and j 'loved working on it, o my initial choice. Now I am happy in my spare time, and I work in a pice that is not acoustically treated.

PM-2 I expected better bass reproduction and a high mdium and treble a little less aggressive. Curve rponse ad on Fostex seemed to fit my expectations.


Ct CHARACTERISTICS, I can say this:
- Good finish, even when less-than-class APM, the latrales shall adopt and rear are rounded and may become damaged quickly if they are transported frequently. The PM-2 are not painted but covered with a veneer hard enough with a black granite structure.
- Lourdes: 15kg each
- Close the rear aluminum radiator
- Selector -3 / 0 / +3 dB for bass <60hz
- Potentiomtre notched to gain> 5kHz
- Potentiomtre notched gain of. Unlike Genelec, when the gain of the PM-2 is zero, no sound.
- The input connector accepts both XLR jacks or 6.35, nice!
- Total absence of "plop" when dyed or lighter, in contrast to 1031!

I prfr of slecteurs potentiomtres instead of, obtaining a rglage identical on 2 monitors can s'avrer difficult, but hey, they are slotted s so it's OK.
The coating of the PM-2 is less sensitive to fingerprints, nice for the wife of mnage.
I have a doubt about the protection of HP and the amp, Fostex do not comment this.


Oddly, it sounds exactly like the curve frequency drives on the Fostex site, I expected it and shut IMMEDIATE reassured about my purchase blindly.
The bass is lighter than the 1031, down more mdium lgrement Submitted. The mdiums remind me more of the Dynaudio BM6A Genelec, they do not forgive errors mix. The image is similar to that of stro Genelec, but it was not until the break to really judge. The fever is less brilliant, but when even well-Submitted, and always has the option to boost hair with potentiomtre. Again we must wait for the break to really judge. The only snag is the breath of clean PM-2 is audible at rest, even with the gain of zero, something the Genelec do not. It will certainly be covered by other lments a studio, but good.

I cost my test CD, the following comments:
Tears for Fears / Woman in Chains: trs spatialization good, nice tone of voice, the good sparation lments mdium. 9.5/10, only my Hifi speakers are better, but not topo.
Roachford (I dunno more than the title): gnial, I better understand the intricacies of the mix that covers me t by Genelec! 10/10
Carmina Burana (Deutsche Grammofon): Genelec Here are a little better than the PM-2, NOT!! I heard a default setting that Genelec's were not out: The first sound of bass drum saturates, and you can hear the ingnieur rattaper gain the flies ... 7 / 10
The Art of Noise - Theme 007: Excellent, better than the 1031 level dynamics - 10/10
Various Jazz: gnial!


I just have them, I will put this comment with a few days back and the running of APRS monitors. However, I find the report qualitprix amazing!
Their sound is enjoyable and trs little tiring, amazing bass reproduction. In addition they work hard, trs fort, and their tone remains stable high volume, I am not after all, my pice does not support it!
Apart from the big 'made in China "and the little breath at rest, they have little envy their competitors. The Genelec dj had a report qualitprix horrible, but I think the Finns have to find a solution because their product is COMPTITE at all, like Dynaudio and Mackie elsewhere. Mackie understood the trick and dlocalisent when the others? Until this happens, the PM-2 have a big step ahead, they reprsentent qualitprix a better report to me that the other speakers 'budget' factories in China, they approach really Pro trs premium for proximity. And to think that because of the brand j'hsitais!