Genelec 8040A
Genelec 8040A

8040A, Active Monitor from Genelec in the 8000 series.

gunico 08/23/2004

Genelec 8040A : gunico's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Motivation of my choice:
. of monitoring speakers whose power is suitable space of my home studio (20-25 m),
. precision of the sound quality at a cost compared with other speakers (K-Rock, Fostex, Yamaha, Adam, ...),
. Genelec of the reputable (yes, I admit).

for technical specifications, go see

I use these speakers to mix my compositions, listening to music, radio, in short, I plugged into all that gnre sound.

my current setup: my speakers are plugged into the XLR outputs of my mixer Mackie CFX12, it even connects my computer, a CD player, my expanders.


Curve frequency drives: I am not a specialist in, I do not get me on this little known field, but by going to the site of Genelec can be found full of curves and graphs.

In the words of my ear compared to the Genelec range above, may be even to Adam, the spectrum frequency drives parat "shorter", especially for the low, which is reassuring, since these speakers are more Chres. compared to other speakers of the same power, same template, I found the Genelec kept in a good balance of the restitution diffrent frequencies.

their high quality (in the opinion of my ear): a clear, well-Dfine, a good dynamic. I test the monitor speakers by listening to Aphex Twin [windowlicker] Squarepusher [go plastic] and Jeff Beck [you had it coming]: music plutt speed, use a broad spectrum of en accordingly. Genelec 8040A and it is still well out trs, bass are returned, the "piququot, the sound is clear, though drawing.

stro good image, it goes without saying.


I use these speakers for two days, I do not regrettte my choice. at the same time, it's like a moped j'tais pass a Mercedes SLK ... before I had a Sanyo amplifier (30 years of age) + pregnant rotten Brandt EC 4032.

features that I like most:
. possibility of the curve rgler frequency drives to adjust the COST of Systm environment (size of the pice, speaker layout, ...),
. speaker size for which 365x237x223 power 90W.

versus all other models I've tried is the MODEL which seemed to have the best qualitprix: I was looking for speakers in the price range of 1500 2000 and they are 1500.

{Registered} 22/08/2004