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Active Monitor from JBL belonging to the LSR series.

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j_sntrm j_sntrm

«  Simple, effective and practical »

Publié le 11/20/12 à 05:25
Pregnant purchased as much for their technical characteristics (analog inputs + num, coupling network, remote level automatic calibration microphone ...) for their sound deemed neutral, which for me is THE condition of the sound image.
These speakers have fulfilled all my expectations. Beautiful finishes, practical even if it look a little on the manual given opportunities EQ calibration and multiple inputs. Effectivemment and sounds very neutral.


Neutrality is clearly the advantage of these speakers. No serious drooling like too pregnant for my taste. Treble can be a bit behind but still very accurate. Beautiful location and defined media.
Against it are obviously not pregnant flattering. Forget the idea of ​​pleasure in listening to his favorite CD, these speakers are primarily used to work! And this point of view they fulfill their role perfectly.
Working in sound for picture I have also been surprised by the good transport sessions prepared on these speakers in auditoriums mixing film.


Used for 6 months, after having had during my studies of Tapco S8 slobbering horrible, it was the day and night. I also sometimes used Focal CMS65 that I love and are also more accurate, especially at the bottom, but also more flattering. In comparison to the work done on these JBL carry better even if the details seem to come out a little less at first.
More should not forget that these enclosures interest also lies in the multiple connections and automatic calibration, simple and effective, which helps to mitigate certain types of pieces.