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Active Monitor from JBL belonging to the LSR series.

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noon93 noon93

«  very good speakers »

Publié le 04/09/13 à 03:40
Value For Money : Excellent
+ is the remote controlled models, AES digital inputs seemed to me to save a useful analogue stereo output on my system.
RMC is also very interesting (you must have the micro JBL unless perhaps adapt a mini XLR jack with another mic test).
This correction should also be useful for the 5.1, to avoid phase problems.
The system LED on the front panel allows you to turn and manage the volume with the remote control directly, which avoids having to tamper behind his pregnant blindly, it is very convenient.
Attention to the enclosure firmware to be updated (yes because there is a firmware! Software provided is pretty basic, but provides enough work on the speakers.


Very good balance. I bought the 4326 instead of 4328 to avoid having too low and have to work at a high volume.
I'm thrilled, it's perfect with 6 inches, and I could add the sub in the future if needed.
The sound is very balanced and pretty accurate (compared to my old Tascam 5 "low-end).
I listen to all my multimedia, and the sound is excellent for my taste.
I imagine that people who had in hand speakers + upscale surely will find faults, but it is still very good for the price.
The stereo image is good, but I do not have enough experience to be on :)
Even at high volume they behave well.


I have 3 months, I will redeem them without hesitation, especially occasion, the price is very good!
The sound from the speakers is very musical, and is not cold or distorted.
It can add up to work "in 7.1, with support from the remote that offers solo and selection functions eq, Sun, managing sub, etc..