LSR4326P, Active Monitor from JBL in the LSR series.

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yoTrakkz 10/11/2011

JBL LSR4326P : yoTrakkz's user review

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I Bought my JBL LSR 4326P’s over a year ago. First project to mix was a Opera for television broadcast. I was set to spend more for the Genelec 8040s but over the past year I have become a fan of the JBLs. We have Genelec 1030As in all our rooms at the station and have bought the 8040s for our new HI DEF rooms and they are OK but if its my money I much prefer the clarity of the JBL. Don't have the sub yet, the 4326 have enough low end in my studio at home(bedroom) and in a near field situation they seem just fine. The opera and all the other spots I have mixed at home have translated very well to broadcast and have not had any surprises when I hear it on the Genelecs.


The stereo imaging is fantastic. The subwoofer is smooth and even and it sounds more like a full range stereo system than a 2.1 system. JBL has done a fantastic job in getting quality suitable for mid-level mastering studios into a project-studio priced package. I would highly recommend them. And yes, the RMC does work and works great.


The bass on these is very tight and authorative. There is a noticeable improvement in transient response, as well. This speaker is very user-friendly, with all of it's advanced features. Setup is a snap. I'm very happy with them! But make sure if you are using them in a bedroom situation that your room is some what acoustically treated or they will sound horrible much like any speaker would that is in a room that’s not treated at all. Most people make the mistake of just putting monitors in any room and then they are disappointed with the sound of them when its not the speakers it’s the room!