Klein & Hummel O 300 D
Klein & Hummel O 300 D

O 300 D, Active Monitor from Klein & Hummel.

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Le Studio Voce à Morin-Heights Q.C. Canada 02/03/2013

Klein & Hummel O 300 D : Le Studio Voce à Morin-Heights Q.C. Canada's user review

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A friend of mine had these boxes ready for two months. After he spent the pick it was like a drug that I missed j'ėtais became addicted to Klein & Hummel. Kind of box or you can work for hours and hours without getting tired. They sound and are faithful, when I listen to mixes also the representation is the same! They are deep without ambiguities. The problem is what are costly very expensive. We must break his pig and dig deep into his pockets and borrow money from his mother to get them ...
I use them in my studio.


Neutral boxes tell you pretty quickly if your mix does not hold. It shows the most successful tv bad mixes in you're face! The accuracy of spectrum is phenomenal. The stereo image is very wide.


I own genelec which saturates too quickly to a relatively low volume ... Not Klein. I do not like the price of these boxes ... I would buy these boxes but it takes SVP sales volume to lower prices. At the same time it makes it justifies the price of renting my studio.