Klein & Hummel O 300 D
Klein & Hummel O 300 D

O 300 D, Active Monitor from Klein & Hummel.

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elcascador 03/18/2008

Klein & Hummel O 300 D : elcascador's user review


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CHARACTERISTICS: I know the only monitor proximity of three-way tri-amplified existing. Rponses frquencielle, impulse, momentum and spatial near-perfect.

Usage: home studio monitoring, costs hifi, home-cinema

Config: Stro, standing in an area of ​​acoustics mdiocre (shame!)


Let's be clear: one approaches the best sound that money can buy in a configuration costs of proximity.

Previous compared with my costs, Dynaudio BM6A home:

- I never difficulty in clearly identifying a bass line, even trs deep, despite the acoustics of my local mdiocre (which never ceases to amaze me enjoyable)

- Dynamic changes in the ears pop as if they taient "amplified"

- Vocals, guitars, pianos sound with astounding clarity and naturalness scary (probably thanks to the DME medium)

- The implementation phase is stupfiante, to the point that one recognizes IMMEDIATE MP3 @ 320kps from the original

- Treble so silky and thin and we could laugh so any apparent distortion


I use them for three months.

THE FIRST A costs at Univers Sons, I stopped breathing ...

What I like most: O300 possde sound the clearest, most powerful, sharper and bolder than I heard. Yes, all this time.

What I like least (fawn to speak): the max level in the bass is not huge, compare the overall power of the sound. In a proximity configuration this poses no problem. Configuration average distance (between 2 and 3m) may become limiting if the track really kick a large uncompressed trs. We speak of the volume consquent trs, @ 40Hz or lower.

Simply put, the sound O300 as a cost of high power, but still insufficient to Ralite stick to a wall eaters his most bitter!

I tried other models, including ADAM, Genelec, the new Dynaudio, Focal and ... Some of these almost Galenti MODELS K & H in some areas (dynamic, deep bass ,...), but not in all.

The report is qualitprix cohrent: we get a quality worth the 3000-3500 K (depending on options) countries for a pair.

Yes, I would do the same choice, with five years in advance so it's impossible to take them into default!