V4, Active Monitor from KRK in the V series.

ben_studio 09/27/2003

KRK V4 : ben_studio's user review


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I just fall for the V4, the pair purchased 700Euros.
I use them in Home Studio.
They are amplified, and possde of Neutrik (= PRO!), Small, really ca not take place, and yet the sound is!
They possdent technology V8 (I have not taken the V6 for this reason) = p'tits of Boomers tresss ca ... tape! a great balance.


= Sound great!
Curve rponse good neutral.
I tried the speakers. I took the KRK V8 if I had enough money ...
Only default = yes ca forcment lack of Bass. So I have two big speakers that serve rotten trtau my desk. They are amplified, and receive a signal from SUB (<75Hz), so I dlivre infra-bass that do not V4 (V4 down the 65Hz).
The sound is super clear, I r-cost all my cds is great.


Buy a week ago.
I prfre so is their precision, clarity of sound, how the mix. becomes easy and enjoyable with no ear fatigue ...
Nothing to do with a range of speakers AlesisM1 type, or worse the Truth of behringer (which is really rotten to the passage => Acute bass-boost all pasty = yuck!)
A report qualitprix pretty decent so ...
I'm really happy to have to opt KRK PRO ... it sounds!