M-Audio BX8
M-Audio BX8

BX8, Active Monitor from M-Audio in the BX series.

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ericthegreat 01/31/2012

M-Audio BX8 : ericthegreat's user review

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The Adam M audio Studiophile Bx8’s are a set of professional studio monitors. They are near field monitors, which make them great for mixing. They have a crisp sound quality while still maintaining a full sound all across the frequency spectrum. They are powered monitors, which means you don't need an external amplifier to use them. These are a great set of monitors for the advanced home or professional studio.


The projected from these monitors are full and rich, and won't color your sound. This means they portray a neutral sound that doesn't favor any frequency range. This is what makes them so great for mixing, as the mixes I get on these monitors usually will transfer to other speakers quite well. For a rather small set of monitors, these deliver a huge sound that covers the full range of frequencies. The dynamics are accurate and it is great to know that I am getting a full, accurate sound while I am mixing these.


I've been using the Bx8’s studio monitors for about a year and they have become one of my favorite pairs of studio monitors for not only mixing, but for general listening and tracking as well. I find that I get a true sound from these monitors, without any coloration. This makes me happy when I mix because I know that when I play the mix over my iPod headphones or in my car, that it will sound good there too, which is huge when it comes to studio and mixing monitors. The price isn't aimed for the budget home studio owner, but if you are serious are building a professional studio or an advanced home studio, these are a great candidate for your studio. Compared to some monitors these are a fair price, but still not viable for most home studio owners. All in all, I would recommend these to those interested in high quality studio monitors.