M-Audio BX8
M-Audio BX8

BX8, Active Monitor from M-Audio in the BX series.

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Emeraldbird1 08/08/2003

M-Audio BX8 : Emeraldbird1's user review


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After months of hesitation, I bought the BX8. We know the qualities of the component M-AUDIO and serious manufacturer. on the other hand, they are not very known in the art that is the nearfield. I still tried the coup after listening a few hours in the store. The characteristics are described in the previous opinion.

I would add the presence of switches that allow you to adjust a lot of settings: among other speakers to adapt depending on the location (against the wall, on foot or in a corner), correct the acute, apply filters for low (37, 47, 80Hz).
Leger bp ergonomics, switches, potentiometer and are at the back, but hey ..

Carefully designed.
130W (65W 65 W)


It's just great! The sound is clear and accurate in all frequency ranges. The highs are a little aggressive which tends to thin (a bit) sound (bump to 8-9kHz). The switches reduce offset this effect, but malheureusment, they act to the 2-4kHz. Personally, it does not bother me.

The stereo image is perfect for my taste and the dynamics is observed. I use a Mackie 1604VLZ is pure and I like HER!


I've had 3 months and I am quite happy. For the price (approx 617Eur), do not hesitate considering the quality that emerges. I know the truth B2031 (not bad ...), the Genelec 1030A (705Eur) and BM6A (the top in my ears but not in the same budget ...) for having listened to many times in the studio, but the BX8 have nothing to envy them. The sound is both clear, precise, albeit slightly flattering in acute but remains neutral on the rest of the spectrum.

I do it again this election if it again, this is my last word!