Prodipe Pro 8
Prodipe Pro 8

Pro 8, Active Monitor from Prodipe.

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kevinkxproductions 10/09/2013

Prodipe Pro 8 : kevinkxproductions's user review

«  VERY GOOD + price and power »

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I can not draw attention to these speakers and their qualities as well as the three voices of the brand model, often neglected, unappreciated or discouraged by people with a strong a priori ...
Yet I put months (no time :) try many speakers in the best possible conditions (early morning at retailers with different compounds that I knew by heart audio level in different stores to try almost all models )
once selected the best, I went back to listen to all the same morning, and the finding was simple for the price and this quality: prodipe pro 8


for me everything is very good to see great subject (once again) the good situation of pregnant ... all good EXCEPT FOR THE TECHNO


3 years, no regrets and so pleased that I took the 3W ...

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