Prodipe Pro 8
Prodipe Pro 8

Pro 8, Active Monitor from Prodipe.

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Intip 10/03/2014

Prodipe Pro 8 : Intip's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
Purchased for monitoring in my home studio.
I chose the Prodipe Pro 8:
- First of all for the very positive reviews on the internet so Audio fanzine.
- After advice for fellow musicians. I listen and compared to other monitors in the same price range.
- For its attractive price for the pair.


I think the sound is precise, very neutral, dynamic, without being aggressive, and all the details are well rendered.
The stereo image is rendered without any parasitic resonance at any frequency.
Same for the bass that are very well made. On this point, they are far ahead of all competitors in the same price range.


I use them for 4 years.
As I have already indicated, I compared it with some other models, which convinced me even more to make up my mind for Prodipe Pro 8 I found that it is day and night, for the prodipe, with a return of his much more neutral, more accurate and more dynamic, all that has been expected of monitoring for mixing home studio!
The Good:
- Its neutral, accurate and dynamic
- Good bass
- Reasonable price
The bad: it's four years since I use them and I do not find any.
Excellent price / quality ratio, perfect for my home studio use. I do it again this choice without hesitation.