Samson Technologies Resolv 65a
Samson Technologies Resolv 65a

Resolv 65a, Active Monitor from Samson Technologies in the Resolv series.

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WishMaster 09/09/2004

Samson Technologies Resolv 65a : WishMaster's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The technical specifications that have motivated my choice:

Not to take anything that has t said before, I would say that Resolv65a are indeed remarkable in every sense of the word. (Finishing, Aesthetics, and connectors rglages, sales of low front)
The price is reasonable trs screws from the competition and at the same quality sound
The arrangement of my monitors is such that I had no parasites at ESG, I have closer to my screen (Iiyama) less than 20 cm and no worries or no monitors at the level the same notch it. In my opinion the screen is more than enough and I also think that some notches may be better conus. :-)
It is true that a slightly warm (not more than other active monitors for that matter) but hey!
The rear face is not too bad, I'd even done well, leaving some originality this product. (Well I will not m'terniser :-))


Well for the record, having worked with several major brand or even have the cost and test (Alesis, Yamaha NS10, the Fostex PM-1, M-Audio BX8, Beringer TRUTH B2031, of krk V6, V8, Mackie HR824, Yamaha MPS5, GENELEC 1030A - The NS10, 1030A, and HR824 V6, V8 Studio Pro) I would say that RESOLV 65a tonn me by the quality of sound and their power.
In compare with friends mixes made with in the studio with NS10 and then with RESOLV 65a we concluded that the only matres board are our ears, and we gots our style. The mix taient all as thundering as each other. Like every human being is unique we do not perceive things the same fawn at the same instant (in fact :-) fortunately!)

- The curve is neutral frequency drives and corrected in case.

- Stereo image is excellent. Once the speakers well placed, the precision is remarkable.

- The sound is clear trs, although prcis across the spectrum, low trs trs agree well despite what some say on the forums. The bass may even be trs heavy, with excellent precision (again, make your own expriences) now, depending on what you want to mix or take a box. The acute excelled net clean and shine well.

- The dynamic is amazing and well respected. Surprising even when the template for the speakers. They will surprise you, test them and you tell me the news. For pregnant Proxim nothing better. They respect the quality of your mixes high and low volume. No draping observation.
Perfection n'tant not of this world, it is well worth 9 / 10 10/10 but I vote to give a boost that will make these monitors and mritent proven to have a place in the world Audio Pro.


Use for 10 months.

Say anything except that "pay what is Samson Samson." They are Gniales. I have friends who make their mix of big names and found them all as gniales. (It should be tamed his gear)
Again, make your choice based on your ideas of music, your style, your feelings, your exprience forcment for some and not with everyone else.
In my opinion the best tools will not forcment the best sounds when the musician is dpourvu sense of logic and crativit.
The biggest highlight studios such and such stuff because for some, be "BIG" is to buy what is more, it's as close to but watch out marketing, sponsorship and the socity of consumption in which we live.

There is no reason quune good mix appears from your home with RESOLV 65a

To recommend the report qualitprix excellent and the rest too.

Cest the man who tames the gear and not the other way but good design and all the rest ......

With exprience, it's a choice I would do without hsiter.