Studer A1
Studer A1

A1, Active Monitor from Studer.

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GuillaumeF 11/29/2003

Studer A1 : GuillaumeF's user review


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I tested the A1 for about an hour from a distributor of hardware pro studio - which STUDER - localized Vevey - (CH). I had the opportunity to test them at the same time as the A3 (see notice thereof).

In my case I was looking for powered speakers of trs good quality for my home studio. INTERESTED in the first place by the big sister of the family STUDER - the A5 - all the same I wanted to hear that the youngest had to say. And I do not dcu t at all.

These two-way active speakers are destined to cost close to - but you'll quickly see that they offer much more than that as their auditory quality are important.

In terms of technical data, the easiest way is to go for a walk on the site of STUDER. I put a 8 because the intended use is costing proximity.


I test the enclosure with three CDs of music diffrent trs (acoustic / classical, pop, rock hard) - I had nothing else at hand. Right away, it is clear: any default on the CD - inaudible on my hi-fi speakers JM Lab - come to light. No frquence is highlighted in particular - is so neutral trs. The image is stro trs good - close your eyes and you can view each instrument on scne - although the room is not dmo adapts trs.

Surprisingly / low frequencies to pass incredibly well. I thought that with an aperture of 10.2 cm and a lower limit of ca 58 Hz would sound like a common radio k7, eh bein, I must say I t breath. The spectrum is trs bein covered from top to bottom. While we will not infrabass but I can assure you they offer a dynamic and excellent claret.

In comparison with her sister A3, the sound is much more prcis - without agressivit. For example, on a passage from the CD rock snare dtach trs is much of the bass drum (recording yet antrieur to 80 ') which n'tait not the case with the A3.

I put a 10 point.


Certainly it is a dmo an hour so that decision can be set to any person using the bte 6 months for 4 hours per day.

What I particulirement apprcier with this forum is:
- The quality (Swiss) manufacturing and finishing impcable (some find it may be a little Austre, but I love)
- The relative power for its class (no big diffrence either A3 with her big sister!)
- The claret and neutralitbr />
The report quality seems excellent price (2000 CHF or about € 1,300) for a pair.

A BMOL only: the power will not be enough for me.

That's what I'm going to turn to more powerful 3-way speakers (when I found a place to test the A5).

For CATEGORY is a 10.