Studer A1
Studer A1

A1, Active Monitor from Studer.

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Groove6 12/15/2004

Studer A1 : Groove6's user review


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I was looking for a pair of monitor, to mix (it goes without saying ...) with the following specifications: minimum footprint and maximum quality (Linares Australian and without as much as possible as insensitive as possible the dimensions of the pice (small), plus the positioning of the wind. APRS moultes research, I had the reconnatre EHJV silent meager, yet mod and no shortage (though .....). By chance (he parat that there is no chance ...), a divine way in my head rsons, and I heard : STUDER STUDER ....... Wanting test even when (it does not remake !...), I searched in vain for a place where power costs on or about Paris: white cabbage.
In short, I ended up power costs: THE FIRST going to print that I saw wrong and m'tais j'tais plutt in a toy shop, ds Premire seconds of costs, I remain silent ........


The opinions were already well DIFFERENT Describes the thing. It's perfect at the foot of the head. Treble: powerful and aggressivit medium without end: but a large enough precision as to the serious invraissemblable: DEFINITIONS and an almost supernatural firmness, given the size of bbtes. Although sr, adding a subwoofer can, of sr, possibly, give more this level, but for me hand to mix in 5.1, I do not see the int rt for the time (and yet, God knows, if I like infra serious: I even prvu buying a box originally in my budget ...)
In conclusion, although the neutral is not REALLY pregnant, even after three weeks, I admit that I still can not .......


What I like most? the SON compared the size. And in addition it hardly vibrates.
The least: The only think you now .......... (May be, for some, the appearance, due to their small size, but to impress the pecain hand, what we ultimately do not care ........)
MODELS tried before:
DYNAUDIO: BM6A: Not bad, but too dull. BM5A: Too bright and so flattering.
FAR: OBS: Bluff acute but sublime but pervasive (even limit the max by the knob derrire, the coup in dsquilibrs mediums. Cons by excellent for HI FI or "costs but not to mix (personal and subjective of course).
KRK: Medium too far forward, the lower chamber o? (Very bad pun !....)
FOSTEX: IDEM for medium (a lesser degree) and low round a bit (PM01)
YAMAHA: MSP10 Too dry and still trim. (It's weird but it's like a)
GENELEC: For me the face of foutage !..... But how to mix the above?? (L I will not make me as friends !.... Y'en a stud in so what?? Just to correct the cost (flattering) and again .......
And of course MACKIE HR824: Not natural at all
Report quality price: Chrea OK, but with the slam, amply justified.
I do it again this choice with his eyes closed (I almost said ears mouths .....), unless I find better but I think it's not tomorrow .... APRS can be tomorrow that is ??????
A thank you noooooooorme F462 JOKARI888 GUILLAUMEF and for advice in AF (o If you did not know you c'tait divine voices I heard and that guided me ..... Amen)