Studer A5
Studer A5

A5, Active Monitor from Studer.

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Mistersound 11/20/2005

Studer A5 : Mistersound's user review


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As crazy hifi, high end and everything related to audio (I also made a small business), I plunged for a time in the pro audio world, out of curiosity ...
I'll never get in, because I am caught in the pincers which it will be difficult to leave ...
Studer J'apparécie particular devices, including the fabulous and fantastic A68 amplifier cd player with A730, C221 etc.
But I wanted to go further in my position towards the audiophile speakers studio.C is why I went to PSI in Yverdon (north of Lausanne) and requested a hearing of the model 25-3 (since Studer markets do more).
It did not take me three hours to realize I had before me a absolutely fantastic! Precision hallucinating! Punch absolutely evil! A sound image in three D! The speakers are absolutely invisible and Incredibly, this gentleness and non-auditory fatigue (for idiophiles who might think that). I fell literally fell under the spell of these great musicians in the heart as big as that!
I immediately bought a pair that went straight home.
Not content with not having a pair in the auditorium, I give a "second layer" just after 7 days and returned to the factory PSI.
This time, madness is the highest point I decided to buy a pair of 25-3 225-1 + 2 subwoofers ... I quickly load the packages in the car, generously thank the technician (who enters Another very large knowledge and unlimited availability) and the big boss.Je go home, I install, let heat, listening and crying.
I NEVER, NEVER LISTEN such a speaker system that can combine such ease, punch, power and precision of my life! What a shock! I rediscovered my records one after the other. I am moved , confused and finally, for the first time in my life, I found my "his ideal" (you know ... the one that we all in our ears and we are looking in all demos, plays in the high end and that we never find ...).
Yet I had the speakers reference date, which I only mention Wilson Audio and I have never achieved such emotion!
No need to worry what to look for such amplification pregnant! Fini! Only a preamplifier worthy of the speaker system, a source and I swear that you will stop going to salons and buy hifi magazines " of the room, "because when you get home and listen to your system, you will say simply that there is none that holds the road like yours! In addition, the value is simply miraculous given the internal amplifiers, the technology adopted and the end result that offers this speaker system.
I tell you, it's an experience to do once in your life that you realize the world of difference there is between the audiophile world (I'm not saying it's bad, by far) pro and the world, as these pros also have ears, do moi.Eux, which does not interest them is the embellishment, beautification, but everything else, they know, and much better than some audiophiles ...
A recommend it and without moderation!


I can only say it's a wonderful system!
The figures speak for themselves, to them alone.
But your ears will rejoice!


I use them recently, but I can tell you that it's not tomorrow that I'll change them.