Studer A5
Studer A5

A5, Active Monitor from Studer.

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GuillaumeF 01/16/2004

Studer A5 : GuillaumeF's user review


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It's been a while I was waiting for this! Enfn I could find a place where test A5 STUDER. In fact I turned to the bote that makes the speakers on behalf of STUDER (PSI audio) and offers the same monitors, under its own brand. In this case it was the PSI Active 25-3. APRS test have the little sisters of the A5 (the A1 and A3, which correspond to the PSI and PSI Active 14-2 actice 21-2) a few months ago, I finally got a MUCH ProCD Comparative 3 MODELS, under the same conditions, with the same electronic and audio CD (and CD player and pramp TUHLE) for about 4 hours - the home ingnieur PSI s' tapp is the Overtime for me - it is thanks.

Unlike A1 and A3 which are intended to Near Field, the A5 (MODL active 3-way) is adapted to plutt field hand and the sound (thanks the excellent dynamic) . They are large for a home studio (62 x 32 x 38 cm), however, can be used if the cost of the local vicinity is adapted.

It is powered by an XLR line between symtrique dlivre and a 300W RMS power (150 + 100 + 50 with a max SPL of 118 db). So what we have to go deaf if you push the BTE.

For technical information, everyone is rfrer to technical brochures available on the ste STUDER or that of PSI Audio. In this regard, it is both business Congratulations for the quality of information they make available to the public (in particular the response curves of frequencies and directionilat.

The test conditions are not performed IDAL, because it was a MUCH audio and not a long session on my own hardware monitoring. However I tested with CD which I know well trs timbre and dynamics (I always use the same for my tests):
- Erik Trufaz (jazz)
- Marcus Miller (jazz rock)
- Haris Xaniliou (acoustic)
- Karl Orff (classical)
- Radio Head (pop / rock)


In a word, is any (friezes, fingers slipping, instruments well hidden. It is transparent. BEAUTIFUL!

The curve appears to me trs neutral frequency drives and spacialisation is standard. On one of the pieces I have yet Erik Trufaz cost on systems 30,000 Naim hi-fi, I have the impression that the drummer plays in front of me. The slightest nuance is reproduced and jh'ai feel that I can Catch what I mean (without DCON). With that, if we can not properly position the mix! The dynamics are incredible - the Marcus slaps sound like if he had his amp branch in the hearing room. Nothing is too frquence put forward and the spectrum appears to trs well covered: the kick 50 Hz appears much better than the A3 (more power) and high-mdiums are also better for finished.

Well, if I do not take them for my home studio, the sound is so good, I take them just for bein lcoute audio!


Point of view absolutely Definition: is the top of the CATEGORY. He did it well as to fight with Genelec STUDER / PSI in this segment of the three active channels. The price? 3000 Unit (EEAA !!!!!). But the report is with the quality standard.

My only problem? The place. I do not know if I could use idalie in my current environment (not optimized. J'hsite So with the A3 ...