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Tapco S8
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matm_te 10/14/2004

Tapco S8 : matm_te's user review


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- What technical specifications motivated your choice?

> The size of the woofer for the price of course they have many other quality hand otherwise I would have taken a alesis mk2 ...

- For what purpose?

> Personal component of electro - it's clear that these speakers are more for musicians who make electro or hip-hop, they lack luster for acoustic sounds from other (+ Chres too ...)

- What amp / What configuration? ...

> My config is on my profile - I do that the audio software and a little guitar.


- The curve frequency drives is it neutral enough?

> Hard to say, I do not have much experience in the Contents, but I use them as "flat" because otherwise the mediums do not stand out enough and made too vibrate the floor ...

- Stereo image is good?

> Excellent! it is a joy to play with the balance since I have it.

- The sound is clear and prcis across the spectrum?

> Yes, especially in low - remains a strong point of Tapco, a rgistre low that even I knew that there was a noise like a devil with a precision! The rest of the spectrum is no exception but as the low J'adooore I + comments.

- The dynamic is it respect? ...

You can rpter the question?


I've been one week and I'm really happy. Well, the contrast is obvious since I left my sound on a mini system before ...

Basically I like:
-The precision of its
-Power (ah it may be a dynamic ...)

I like least:
-The size and weight
-The ergonomics - it would be nice faade a headphone jack, I know it's not the speakers but rsultat multimedia is all the time to fiddle with the volume of the sound)
-My neighbors

I tried the alesis mk2 (large and too low slobbering present), the Tannoy Reveal active (which seems to compress its relation to other short, lack of clarity), the Behringer TRUTH B2030A (they told me not marked and ESI near 05 (trs its clear and good potato for small speakers but a little aggressive and lacking in bass).

in this price range, it is the best I've cost but it seems that the Fostex PM1 trs are good too.