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Tapco S8
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acoustica 09/25/2004

Tapco S8 : acoustica's user review


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-What made me decide?
The opinions between different monitors, the more bass (not too), the subsidiary Mackie and of course the price.

Home studio (quality anyway!)

Rode NT1-A Micro, Ordi PIV 2.66Ghz/512 ram, expander Edirol SD-80, console digital audio interface and controls its surface Yamaha 01x, almost soundproof room!


Nice stereo, a nice but its always right.
The sound is present throughout the spectrum, nothing is forgotten!
If it sounds, it sounds from everywhere! You only have to test a good mix of a CD to begin with. Choose a good production in the style worked.
A very good dynamic. Very good very stable. Especially for boomers with a dome connique! Original, but it foctionne!

Ah! I almost forgot! Performance monstrous! A potato, it borders on LIVE! ... And without too much flinching side amp and boom!


Since about a month and that is happiness! This allowed me to find that I had problems right in my room!
So I redid the acoustic insulation and that the job!
A quality / price ratio crazy! Not enough money! I joke! Truly exceptional!
I would do this choice and a two foix!