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n.b-sound-track 03/26/2008

Yamaha MSP5 : n.b-sound-track's user review


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They are connected to my workstation (Yamaha AW4416) and are a sub compltes Prodipe Pro 10S.


Stereo image plutt Dnamique and generally satisfactory.
Just what I needed for small pice I occupy in the house.
Ct neutrality I would say it is the condition of having the trait acoustically Prior to pice.
Also avoid the wrath of the wall. It must be at least between 50 cm and a wall of nitre to express themselves fully.


Purchased in 2003 for my home studio.
They officiate as a monitor of proximity to the mix and mastering for sound decision, I make them often with headphones to avoid having too little recovery saw the pice that shakes my cabin.
To me they are good small monitors to work at home.
Watch out for comparison with the NS10, nothing to see.
The NS10 are playthings of MSP5 ct.
The only complaint would possibly make them even though it is the speaker of proximity is the lack of low exprcive. Hence the intr to complter with a sub.
It should be remembered as have several of my mind dj collgues above, he must have them in the ears to be able to aprcier fair value.
It is not only a cost that little to forge a rar consernant.

I work for over 4 years and I must say I'm addicted, like my Sony MDR7506.
I put all of the same 10 out of 12 because perfection does not exist, unless the pice and the following gear and for a use other than home studio.