Yamaha HS50M
Yamaha HS50M

HS50M, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the HS series.

MountAnDewMe 10/01/2012

Yamaha HS50M : MountAnDewMe's user review

« An honest performer in its class »

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When I was in need of a small footprint monitor system for my home studio I needed to blend my space restrictions with a solution that would provide a decent real world transition. After much research, I decided upon the Yamaha HS50M monitors. Each offer 70 watts of biamplified power feeding a 5" woofer and a 3/4" tweeter. Made from a MDF enclosure that is rear ported and shielded they are at home close to your display. There are both XLR and RTS inputs available with a level control on the rear. These monitors also offer four room control switches that tailor the sound.


The HS50M monitors offer a high quality stereo image when used in a near field-monitoring situation. Putting a good mix together in regards to performance placement is easy when using these monitors. I also find that dynamics translate rather well on these small monitors. When testing them using a reference source such as a classical orchestra or an old Pink Floyd disk all the subtle nuances are instantly recognized. These speakers offer flat and honest sound reproduction. Once tuned to your specific room you will get reliable sound from them that translate well to real world sources. The four switches on the rear panel control mid eq (+-2 db @ 2 kHz), room control (0,-2,-4 db shelf @ 500 Hz), high trim (+-2 db shelf @ 3 kHz), and low cut (flat, 80 Hz, 100 Hz) to tailor for use with a 2.1 or 5.1 system that uses a sub woofer. This makes these little wonders movable from area to area if need be and still offer a valid mix environment. They have a standard frequency response of 55 Hz-20 kHz.


I previewed many models from different manufacturers in different stores before arriving at the decision that no other pair could match the HS50M in terms of honest reproduction. Every other brand in this size and price group (under $500) had some issue with coloring of the sound somewhere in the spectrum. I found these to be the most precise for mixing and mastering in my small home studio environment. While $400 is a modest amount of money, these are used extensively in my home and remain in perfect working condition. Definitely, worth every penny they cost. I believe my favorite aspect is they work well in a low volume setting saving the ears offering the prospect of longer sessions. If one were to go down, I would not hesitate to replace it and when I am affronted, the luxury of more space in a more volume friendly area I will most likely find myself investing in the HS80M.