Yamaha HS50M
Yamaha HS50M

HS50M, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the HS series.

manu286 04/22/2013

Yamaha HS50M : manu286's user review

«  THE reference in home studio »

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Value For Money : Poor
These speakers have never been a favorite, they were a variety of reasons. As a home studio and I wanted to go upmarket compared to my jbl control one.
So I went to a store where you could take the time to listen to a decent monitor speakers, in this case at Euroguitar Lille. Incidentally, flee music stores that are not even able to provide a sound study for such speakers.
Two points were black dots at the time have now become positives. First, the lack of volume in front but since I think it is better to work on volumes levels that we know of habit rather than constantly tweaking the volume and work without markers.
I also regret the event at the back but it appears well positioned, given the diameter of the speakers, it is not at all annoying, it will never be low blotchy.
I also found it unnecessary filters. It is true that they are in a perfect piece or a home studio is essentially an acoustically imperfect room. Finally, Yamaha has adapted well to the customer.


I was able to compare Genelec 8020, Yamaha MSP5 HS50M, Adam A7 and my favorite JBL LSR2325P
The frequency curve is not neutral, clearly a bump in the upper midrange and low weakling, but they correspond to their range.
Under similar conditions, listening to the store gives:
-8020: Good balance, good bass present, lovely.
-HS50: Down a little low, stereo average, moving average, not flattering. Excellent value for money. Everything is good but not exceptional for a price two times lower.
-MSP5: A little more bass than the HS50. A little while a little better but not great. Value average price
-A7: Surgical, not really low for most represented 7 "Very nice treble, nice stereo..
- LSR2325P: The slap. Demonic stereo, bass too present a dynamic madness. Finally, it is when we know that they do not cost € 100 more than the HS50M.
And home with acoustic foam that provides:
its tiring so a good medium for the switch.
These low enough to make the minimum but not too much, is to limit the problems of floating rates. So perfect in the final home studio. For mixing low, it will take a good headphone like those of comparative headphones audiofanzine.
The stereo image is average but still correct.


I used them 2 years. Following a good opportunity, I went on JBL LSR4326P. This is bad, very bad. It is as if the sound moves from 2D to 3D.

Most of HS50M:
-Excellent value for money
-Low, it has the maximum while avoiding standing waves for a lambda part untreated. They are perfectly suited for a home studio.
-The filters
-They sell well

The least HS50M:
-It will not be the speakers of your life, but a first step
-They sound great in any level
-A buy only if you can not get to the range above .... because we lose a lot. Just the LSR2325P put their big spanking.
So the big question: Is it time to stay in HS5 or HS50? I think the HS50M still have good days ahead of them. Just because the price of the occasion will beat up and suddenly they retain the advantage quality / price.
Finally, I can only advise you not to buy sub, especially HS10W overpriced. It is a mess to deal in a home studio, you'll have hollows and bumps everywhere. More interest money will no longer. Watch more on the side of the 8. "Anyway what's the point of throwing infrabasses when you have neighbors. Better start from the beginning ... and go upmarket.