Yamaha HS50M
Yamaha HS50M

HS50M, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the HS series.

redskin57 01/17/2012

Yamaha HS50M : redskin57's user review

«  This is serious! »

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I bought my HS50M last month following the "death" of one of my old speakers, Behringer Truth 2030A. I first went to the store to test HS80M, which unfortunately are a little too big for my tiny studio ...

Usage: studio monitoring / mixing / listening to cd, vinyl etc ...

Motivation: Small size, affordable price (around 300 euros the pair in a famous German ...), retailer brand reputation and a successful test of their big sisters the HS80M.


- The curve is fairly neutral, the speakers are on the rear panel of markers (low, middle, high and room) which can correct some faults of the play

- The sound is not clear is easily distinguish the different ranges of the spectrum, the highs are not aggressive, the low end and a bit limited (but hey they are small speakers).

-Very good stereo (that's what amazed me at first listen)


I use them for a month and I just realized a first mixing with and I must say it was a real treat!
Before I had a pair of 2030A Berhinger and I must say it has nothing to do. Two hours of mixes on my ears and I Berhinger cauliflower because of acute aggressive. The yamaha, no ear fatigue.
These speakers are truly neutral, no nasty surprises listening to his mix on different systems, if it sounds on HS50M it sounds everywhere!

The value for money is really good for 50 euros more than the Berhinger 2030A is really going on in another world.

With the same budget I definitely do it again the same choice.