Yamaha HS80M
Yamaha HS80M

HS80M, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the HS series.

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hugzz 12/10/2013

Yamaha HS80M : hugzz's user review

«  Very good for a home studio .. »

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I bought them because for that price, there is not much choice if you want speakers 8 inches.
I used everything in my home studio .. Composition hip hop, electro, listening to music ...
It is connected directly to a sound card as they are amplified.


I like the sound is very clear to me, the stereo image allows me very correct (coming from someone who has not tried hundreds of pairs either!) Spectrum appears respected me but lacks good on low natural dison below 60Hz .. This also comes acoustics of my room I guess.


I use them for about 3 years and I have directly compared with Krk Rockit and Behringer B2031 .. There is no picture in Krk side were extremely bad, unclear drafts, cartoning and behringer sounded very hifi (boosted bass, stereo .. not very clear).

What I like most is that it is a very good introduction to the world of monitor speakers, they are still really nice (yes it counts!) And they never have me created any problems.

The woofers are not protected and seem fragile, basically there must be really gaffe is on but I guess it's better to have protection above .. The vents are at the back so if they are too close to a wall is not great because it takes all the pressure that comes out ..

I highly recommend it if they are for a home studio with a sound not perfect because they work well and anyway it will not do absolutely nothing to have the most expensive speakers in this case .. If it is for a mixing studio PRO with perfect acoustics and much larger budget it will not be probably the right choice (or maybe in the second pair of listening ..). Then I also think it is important to get the ear of pregnant like that .. A bit like learning to drive a classic car and not a ferrari ..

For that price yes I referrer that choice, for 500 € and with a much cleaner I leave on events, Genelec, Dynaudio or Focal acoustic ...