Yamaha HS80M
Yamaha HS80M

HS80M, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the HS series.

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yoTrakkz 08/05/2011

Yamaha HS80M : yoTrakkz's user review

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I used the Yamaha HS80M’s for about a year and a half total, I loved them and they have a very good crystal clear sound. Great range, from hi’s to low end. But during my mixing I couldn’t get a clean mix with them. So that’s why I didn’t keep them longer than that. But for the price of these monitors its well worth the try to see how they work for you. Great neutral and accurate sounds come out of these monitors. My choice for these monitors was persuaded by the price. it’s a very respectable price for quality monitors in today’s music realm.

The curve of frequency response is excellent, the low end thumps! These monitors will do the job for you without a doubt. They have very good dynamics but a little rough on the low end which is why I couldn’t get clean mixes with them. These where my first real pair of monitors, they aren’t pretty too look at and nothing spectacular about the design but they do more than the job.


The Stereo image is ok, sound is clear and very stable . These will give you a wow factor that you will need, go to a store and try them out asap.


Overall you wont get a better monitor for the price of these, so if this is what your budget is give them a shot you might stick with them and keep them as your main monitors. They can be compared to the KRKs and Mackies. Make sure you have a solid room treatment to go with these monitors though, it will make them sound that much better! The best part about these is they are very accurate and have great precision. Knowing what I know now I am glad that I purchased these and I would do it again, maybe one day I will give them another shot!