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Flux :: Ircam Verb Session & HEar

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Flux :: Ircam Verb Session
News Flux :: Ircam Verb Session

Flux and Ircam have created two new plug-ins – IRCAM Verb Session and IRCAM HEar.

The IRCAM Verb Session is a reverb tool with an interface designed for broadcast and mixing sessions in particular while maintaining acoustical design features of the original IRCAM Verb. The IRCAM HEar is a binaural encoding tool that allows the user to monitor a surround sound mix when a surround sound monitoring setup isn’t an option.


Pricing & Availability:

Both of these tools are available now for Mac OS X and Windows as RTAS, VST or AU with IRCAM Verb Session costing $156 MSRP and IRCAM HEar costing $51 MSRP.


More details on both products:


VERB Session is based on the same fine technology used in the IRCAM VERB algorithmic room acoustics and reverberation processor, with a modular construction employing a recursive filtering reverb engine, reproducing and synthesizing the specific acoustical characteristics of a spatial sound environment.

HEar – Binaural Encoding Tool

HEar is designed to provide reproduction of a stereo or surround mix with a pair of conventional stereo headphones.

This is designed to allow monitoring a full surround mix in situations when a surround-capable environment is not available or practical. Another typical use of HEar is doing checking of a mix. HEar can also prove useful in a project studio context, and whenever noise isolation is a concern, as it helps achieving a more realistic sound environment.

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