Bass amplification news

  • [NAMM] Peavey MAX Series Combos

    [NAMM] Peavey MAX Series Combos

    01/20/12 in Peavey MAX 115

    Peavey announces its new MAX Series of bass amplifiers.

  • [NAMM] Zoom B3
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    [NAMM] Zoom B3

    01/20/12 in Zoom B3

    The B3 Bass Effects and Amp Simulator Pedal combines a stompbox pedalboard with a multi-effects pedal and USB audio interface.

  • [NAMM] Ampeg Heritage B-15 for 2012

    [NAMM] Ampeg Heritage B-15 for 2012

    01/19/12 in Ampeg Heritage B-15

    Ampeg announced that their are doubling their Heritage B-15 numbers for 2012.

  • [NAMM] Ampeg Micro-CL Stack

    [NAMM] Ampeg Micro-CL Stack

    01/19/12 in Ampeg Micro-CL Stack

    Ampeg announces a new addition to its popular series of micro-sized SVTs with the release of the Micro-CL Stack.

  • [NAMM] Jackson Ampworks Behemoth

    [NAMM] Jackson Ampworks Behemoth

    01/18/12 in Jackson Ampworks Behemoth

    Jackson Ampworks is also announcing the release of their first bass amp, The Behemoth.

  • [NAMM] 3 New Overtōn Products

    [NAMM] 3 New Overtōn Products

    01/17/12 in Overtōn TōnLink-DI

    Overtōn is welcoming three new products to their stable of bass gear.

  • [NAMM] New Fuchs Bruiser Bass Amps

    [NAMM] New Fuchs Bruiser Bass Amps

    01/16/12 in Fuchs Bruiser-MAP

    Fuchs Audio Technology Introduces The New Bruiser Bass Amplifier Line.

  • EBS Reidmar 250

    EBS Reidmar 250

    01/15/12 in EBS Reidmar

    EBS have developed the Reidmar 250 to feature the same tonal quality as their full size solid state heads.

  • EBS Session 120

    EBS Session 120

    01/15/12 in EBS Classic Session 120

    EBS Professional Bass Equipment has announced the release of its new Session 120 bass amp.

  • [NAMM] Fender Bassman Pro Series

    [NAMM] Fender Bassman Pro Series

    01/14/12 in Fender Super Bassman

    Fender introduces the new Bassman Pro series of heads and cabs.