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Bass amplification news

  • [NAMM] Dr Green also collaborated with Ashdown

    [NAMM] Dr Green also collaborated with Ashdown

    01/22/13 in Ashdown Bearded Lady

    After Hayden, Dr Green spent some time with the team at Ashdown, the result of this collaboration is 5 bass pedals which will be shown at NAMM.

  • [NAMM] Ashdown lowers the volume of the CTM

    [NAMM] Ashdown lowers the volume of the CTM

    01/22/13 in Ashdown CTM-100

    After the 300W CTM300, Ashdown Engineering will introduce at NAMM 2013 two 100W and 15W Classic Tube Magnifier bass amp heads.

  • [NAMM] New Warwick bass amps and cabinets

    [NAMM] New Warwick bass amps and cabinets

    01/18/13 in Warwick LWA 1000

    Warwick unveils the new gear for 2013 that will be presented at NAMM next week, with two bass amplifiers and two cabinets.

  • Kinsman Guitar & Bass Amps

    Kinsman Guitar & Bass Amps

    12/03/12 in Kinsman K100GFX

    John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd. announces a new range of Kinsman guitar and bass amplifiers.

  • Warwick WA 600 Giveaway

    Warwick WA 600 Giveaway

    10/31/12 in Warwick WA 600

    Starting November 1st 2012 Warwick & Framus will give away a Warwick WA 600 bass amp head in a sweepstakes on the company’s Facebook page.

  • Genz-Benz NX2 Series

    Genz-Benz NX2 Series

    10/02/12 in Genz-Benz NX2-212T

    Genz Benz has released two NX2 series lbass loudspeaker cabinets that replace its NeoX line.

  • TC Electronic BH250 Shipping

    TC Electronic BH250 Shipping

    09/21/12 in TC Electronic BH250

    TC Electronic announced that its BH250 bass head is now shipping.

  • Warwick BC300 Giveaway

    Warwick BC300 Giveaway

    08/01/12 in Warwick BC 300

    From August 1st to August 31st you’ll get the chance to win a Warwick BC 300 amplifier.

  • [NAMM] TC Electronic BH250
    Hot news

    [NAMM] TC Electronic BH250

    07/11/12 in TC Electronic BH250

    TC launches BH250, the first head in the company’s Bass Amp 2.0 range to introduce the TonePrint concept.

  • Acoustic 360/361 Bass Amp

    Acoustic 360/361 Bass Amp

    07/07/12 in Acoustic 360/361

    The GPG Co./ Acoustic USA is now launching its re-issue of the original Acoustic 360/361 bass amplifier.