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Bass amplification user reviews

  • Markbass Little Mark 250 Black Line

    Markbass Little Mark 250 Black Line - "Amp for double bass and piano"


    The little Mark 250 is a bass amp, one of the new d class that are getting very popular because of their very light weight. There are many other makes in the market place that do a similar job but there are a couple of things that make this one stand…

  • Phil Jones Bass D-600

    Phil Jones Bass D-600 - "Top notch!"


    Class D 600W @ 2 ohms / 450W @ 4 ohms / 300W @ 8 ohms. 2 inputs each with a 5-band EQ allowing you to plug in two different basses without being forced to touch the settings! 2 speakon outputs to connect cabs. 1 aux output to connect an MP3 player,…

  • Markbass Mini CMD 121P

    Markbass Mini CMD 121P - gugusfender's review


    300W solid-state. USE Easy, you can get almost any sound. It sounds just as god with a bass as with a double bass. SOUND Alls types of sounds, I prefer the round sound or a Marcus Miller one to slap. I play a Rick, a Jazz Bass us 5C delu…

  • Hartke HyDrive 112C

    Hartke HyDrive 112C - "Power and definition!"


    I bought this bass amp when looking for a portable but punchy combo for playing small gigs. At that time I worked playing in a Disco covers band in small, medium and sometimes big venues (weddings and graduation ceremonies) and I loved the sound, po…

  • Ampeg BA-108 v2

    Ampeg BA-108 v2 - "Great tone!"


    This is a perfect amp for practice or for beginners. It features tools like a 3-band EQ, MP3 input and a headphone input as well. With power of 25 watts and an 8'' high output speaker this amp delivers the classic ampeg tone with a great mid-low fre…

  • EBS Drome 12

    EBS Drome 12 - "You Only Need One!"


    EBS DROME Manufactured 2006 Sweden 150 Watts Combo Amp. It's the size of a small home 40 watt Peavy and weighs less that a 60 watts Peavey. I have spoken to owners of the new Chinese built EBS Drome Classic's and they state they have a product a…

  • Markbass Mini CMD 121P

    Markbass Mini CMD 121P - "Ass-kicking!"


    Everything has been said in the previous reviews, it's 300W or 500W solid-state amp with an additional cab. I added to it a 2x10 cab to rival my guitarist's tube amp + 4x12 cab. This also spares me having to crank the volume to max, since I always …

  • Laney DP100

    Laney DP100 - "have it 23years, great amp..."


    100w into 8ohm UTILIZATION easy to use..as it should be...still suits my needs as it retired to a practice amp SOUNDS musicman stingray, warwick thumb nt5. aria avb nt5...i only use it as a practice/house amp these days.. OVERALL OPINION have g…

  • Ampeg SVT-6 Pro

    Ampeg SVT-6 Pro - "Awesome!"


    Ampeg SVT 6 Pro Bass head RMS Power Output (8 Ohms): 750-Watts RMS Power Output (4 Ohms): 1100-Watts Preamp: Tubes (2 x 12AX7) Driver Tubes: 2 x 12AU7, 2 x 12AX7 Power Amp: Solid State Tone Controls: Bass and Treble Mid Tone Control: 4-Ba…

  • Fender BXR 300

    Fender BXR 300 - "A good and sturdy (but heavy ^^) amp"


    BXR300c Solid-state amp made in USA 15-inch speaker, 300W rms into 4 ohms Two inputs (for active or passive basses) One compressor Bass and High "enhance" (= boost) EQ 1 bass, 1 mid and 1 frequency control, 1 treble 1 effects loop output and…