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Bass amplification user reviews

  • Music Man HD-212

    Music Man HD-212 - "Music Man HD-212"


    got it in a trade. wanted a powerful 212 tube combo appearence wise, its a very good looking amp. enormous power. two channels. very clean tone at high volumes. simple to operate gain not very high. heavy. 212 combo, 130 watts, 4 el-34 power t…

  • Ampeg B3 Combo

    Ampeg B3 Combo - "Ampeg B-3 Bass Combo"


    I acquired this amp several years ago for around $500 It has plenty of power, bottom end, yet is still relatively portable. A sturdy amp well worth the money. there is nothing I don't like about this unit. A+ Ampeg has long been a favorit…

Translated user reviews
  • AER Amp One

    AER Amp One - " Excellent bass combo"


    I use it in bass combo for two years and acquired it after trying other brands of amplifiers: Phil Jones, Mark-Bass ... I enjoyed the value, the return of quality, reduced and compact size. The performance of this amp in view of its weight, the…

  • Ampeg SVT-IIP

    Ampeg SVT-IIP - " The sound Ampeg what ..."


    This is the preamp fitted to the heads SVT II lamps in the years 80-90 as 19 "/ 1U ... Equipped with 3 12AX7 tubes. Input jack + 6.35 normal bright, 2 "main" outputs on Jack 6.35, 1 balanced XLR output with switch pad 0 / -20 dB, 1 footswitch conne…

  • Gallien Krueger Neo 412

    Gallien Krueger Neo 412 - " A very good price quality ratio"


    4x12 (Paragon GK) with adjustable tweeter 4 Ohm Speakon connectors and jacks. Possibility of Bi-amp compatible with the amp heads (roughly the GK) I play with EBS Fafner 1 and A Stringray 1996 or RAY34 (essentially the same bass) granted in dr…

  • Hartke HA3500



    Transistors with 1 tube preamp and 1 transistors. 350 W power Equalizer, outline, compressor UTILIZATION Very easy to have sound. The equalizer is sensitive and must spend some time in the beginning. As against the compressor is not used …

  • Chillbass 50's

    Chillbass 50's - " THE sound you love !!"


    All-tube amp head: 3 and 1 12AT7 ECC83 preamp, 2 EL34 power 50W output power 2 normal inputs and bright-lined high-gain and low-gain, combined with 2 volumes equalo 3 bands, 1 presence knob, a master 2 speaker outputs, effects loop 1 UTILIZ…

  • TC Electronic RH450

    TC Electronic RH450 - " serious design flaw!"


    Transistor amp ... with 3 presets, compressor, eq 4 band semi para DI output, AES ... So why this catastrophic view? See more! UTILIZATION It could not be simpler ... SOUNDS Good diversity in the sounds, the final touches will be the choi…

  • Eden Bass Amplification NSP210

    Eden Bass Amplification NSP210 - fvibe's review


    I was looking for a simple and mobile 2X10 cab. I'm thrilled. a very good performance with a weight and an excellent magnabilité. SOUNDS very dynamic speaker who complies with the sound of my bass: Jazzbass active Ibanez, musicman OVERALL OPI…

  • Aguilar Tone Hammer 500

    Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 - " There's no better"


    Low transistor amp, 500 watts. Super light, no gas plant for a penny. UTILIZATION Is lit, you plug a bass and it sounds live. Whether it is for rock, blues or a little vintage soul, it is rather impressive. Personally, I set the bass and tr…

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