Trace Elliot Commando 15
Trace Elliot Commando 15

Commando 15, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Trace Elliot.

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MGR/Aythan 04/22/2004

Trace Elliot Commando 15 : MGR/Aythan 's user review

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I bought this amp from Promenade Music in Morcambe, UK. it cost me £400, although it was priced £50 higher, the sales assistant was polite enough to offer a reduction. i bought it because of the reputation on Trace Elliot, and several of my friends had bought similar models and i liked the sound they got from them.

for the price, you get an amazing sound. very clear, with so much room for modification. the tone controls really do give so much reach over the sound. they are also easy to understand and use, which ws important to me, as it was my first large amp. also, at 150 watts, it was all the volume i'd ever need.

when compared to higher range amps, it just doesnt have the bite. it sounds like the economy amp it is when compared like that. although i think better than other amps of its level, it does suffer that defficiency in tone that a more expensive amp would have. also it is rather cumbersome, with only one handle on the top, it is awkward for one person to cary, but impossible for two. also it lack features such as a balanced output, a tuner out/built in tuner, a mute button, input indicator etc

although it has been through a lot with me in my travels, it has only broken when used incorrectly, and after a repair, it hasnt reccured. actually, when i think about how hard it has been driven, and how many time ive dropped it, it must be hardwaring to still be working. the outer skin coould be tougher, as there are quite a few tears, but i can see the amp working for many years yet.

as an economy amp, id say that this fits the bill well, although dont expect it to do anything spectacular. its a good workhorse amp, that will give a good clean sound, but dont expect much crunch, if that is what you're after. if needed, it will do well as a performance amp, but if i had the luxury, i'd keep it firmly in the practice room.

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