Trace Elliot Commando 15
Trace Elliot Commando 15

Commando 15, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Trace Elliot.

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cocobass 02/15/2005

Trace Elliot Commando 15 : cocobass's user review


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Amp transistors. 150W rms into 300 peak. connector jack.
two inputs, passive and active, a gain knob, one volume, three pots over low / medium / high.
Connection effects loop feature more deep, mid shift and bright.

Only default, the coating is a kind of thin laminates glue on it and that tears at the slightest friction on a surface a little rough .. The amp is covered with small tears quickly if you do not protect a house in displacement ... Besides it is a trs robust, but heavy and bulky! Must have the muscle!


Amp trs simple to use, the manual is in English so good luck ... But by spending a few hours found what you want. It was a warm and full sound trs, I really like, it's big fat trace elliot you like them.


I use it a lot to rock and jazz and it sounds good trs. I use it with a Lag Jaccobacci 400 5cordes and frankly a ring. It is round, precise and well wide, but the bass is also qqchose in my opinion. On a low of less good quality has also sounds, it's really a good quality amp robust and efficient.
We can get a lot of it sounds good but it is rather clear that for many hot and sounds serious, is lacking a bit of potato in the treble.


I use it for soon 4 years old and I am satisfied but I'll have to part with it ... Indeed it is both too powerful and too little, let me explain ... It is very well to play in bars or make a repeated 'in a small room with instruments that spit too qd but you want to win the power was stuck .. Pass three quarters of the volume is completely saturated (normal to the transistor) and is ingested, or I now repeated in a room large enough o I need horses behind me while keeping her! So I'll have to buy a column that has a power that this amp will never ...
So now I do not use more than to work for me and it's too powerful for cons, it has something to scare the neighbors, 30W enough for me.
Having said this n'enlve nothing to the quality of the amp in itself for applications such bar and Repeat 'rather jazz (a punchy rock guitar well it is quickly Volume Exceeds ...) o l is a small wonder, with a quality worthy of trace elliot. Anyway, I looking punch and power in the volume it is not quite for me ...

If I entrust myself to do only of jazz in the early training is clear that I bought it, or if I did not play in concert back through a sound system ...
Anyway since I go on the rock and jazz big band, the I need a more powerful amp! Too bad ... I will miss ...