Mackie LM-3204
Mackie LM-3204
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papi1970 06/13/2013

Mackie LM-3204 : papi1970's user review

«  Excellent product. »

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I think everything has been said on this subject!


In my case, it allows the connection of my eight sound sources used in some "multi out". It is very easy to use, the fact that the usual faders for adjustment of the volume to be replaced by rotary knobs are absolutely no problem. Once that is done we go back there more too!

The only complaint that I found in its use, it is the location of the button on / off made rear of the table, as you say in a rack that is inaccessible, but it is easy to find the parade through a power strip with switch.

The manual is well done especially thanks to the diagrams with all possible configurations.


Having had 21 years a Phonic PMX1600, I found the sound of the great LM3204 can be more linear and a little clearer too.
Everything thoroughly, I still breath, I also had with my previous table. Also I think some of my devices connected to the ground does not help, I probably a small ground loop somewhere!
But current level of use, I only hear the music and the signal to noise ratio seems very satisfactory.


I've had a few weeks ago, I made a little maintenance before mounting, dusting the main board and a bit of a bomb in touch everywhere, cleaning the façade. It comes apart and goes back quite easily but it takes time anyway!
So I would join the general opinion on this Mackie 32 input housed in a rack 5 ", I say bravo, both very practical and efficient. Lives On a lot of musicians have used. For those who don ' not too much room for their homestudio, it is perfect.
I just regret not having bought it before, I also find it unfortunate that Mackie (and others) have not re-released this concept, for connecting synthesizers / samplers / BAR is the best!