Mackie LM-3204
Mackie LM-3204
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nikko666 04/28/2006

Mackie LM-3204 : nikko666's user review


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This table is unique.
First, imagine voices from 32 in jack for two XLR microphone jack, phantom power supply, bus 8 8 8 to insert out.
With the same rglages CR1604 VLZ!
Basically it is a CR1604 with times of 2, and more compact: 5 U only, the size of a Waldorf Q or MS2000R!


Need I say more? To save space MacKie changed the pot knobs. A button for every Stro = 16 slices.
We can not be simpler.


How to blame something that table? Put it all back: 0db of breath.
The EQ is analog, is shelving filters are analog.
Nothing was added 10/10.


It's paradise for those full of synth and do not want to be seated two kilometers in their studio!

Also it's a CR1604, not breathing, clear and warm, solid contruction knows so well do MacKie!

As for the price Occasion is given in Milonga will see the price of small Alesis 8-track with effects of course, but all digital, cold and dtruisent sound decision with their converters.

But then why did you stop the contruction! Mystra. So it is not found and no concurrency. Go find a table format 5U 32 tracks with the signing of a trademark as impeccable Mackie?

Anyway, there's nothing as compact, with such quality. If you find one, and keep the achtez ... the price will increase!