Mackie CFX12
Mackie CFX12

CFX12, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the CFX series.

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ayutthaya 12/13/2007

Mackie CFX12 : ayutthaya's user review


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I use this mixer for over four years to sound with my group, it avcu in full sun on the beach in the cold, some moist, she suffers shock for some transport and yet a slice that cracks, not a single problem report is a War Tank! Mackie and as always, the quality of sound is to go from trs good preamps, a little reverb for exploitable scne the bar, restaurant, and collection outdoor, small festival, camping, entertainment ...
by against the reverb is not great for recording.


Use trs simple!


Nickel, semi paramtrique good eq on each slice, the qualiser + output prcis general good.


I have been using for 4 + years and I am glad trs!
Calita good value prices, although its price argus is declining it is still a good deal as it is occasion trs strong, so strong chance what is still a long life in second or third hand.