Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ
Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ

SR 24.4 VLZ, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the SR series.

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loo cheet 10/24/2011

Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ : loo cheet's user review

«  Very good! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Already seen in previous opinions.
No attenuation pad which can be annoying depending on the source or the microphone used.


Very easy to use. All functions come to hand. Thank you to color code!
Not need the manual as long as one knows what kind of console but he is very well done.


Not having used only live (that's why it was designed) I can not really comment on its transparency or breath.
I am satisfied with the headroom and Eq that can highlight any source without distorting the signal.
It has a good momentum, we can get stronger, get stronger without audible distortion, so you have to pay attention to face amp that can "clip" faster than the console.


I use it since 2009, exclusively live without having tested many other consoles in this price range. I would say that this is a great tool to start without breaking the bank. Preamp very correct, Eq effective, 6 For to manage back stage and effects.
He sometimes missed attenuation pad but you can not have everything.
I like the "air" on the sub groups of voices or Grat acoustics it can be handy.

In short, bought for a good price, I am very happy with this console.