Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ
Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ

SR 24.4 VLZ, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the SR series.

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mr pierre 10/24/2011

Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ : mr pierre's user review

«  Really great, this machine! »

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Yes, I think it can be rack, whatever it takes it "breathes" as it "hot" and needs a little venting!
24 channels, no effects section, no automation .. but what a pleasure to manipulate the faders and pots ..!


Everything is simple, clear and accessible!
the manual is very well designed, in French, with a touch of humor ..!


Ah yes! Very clear, natural and pleasant, airy and clear!
Equalizer effective as desired, but without the rush violently as sensitive!
But who's complaining!
As for the breath, there are a few, but very vintage and discreet! (Especially with the treble, it's normal!)
on the other hand, I recommend to add to it the digital multi-effects to the slices, because there .. reverbs are suppliers of breath!
Attention to that!


since December 2000 that I use, no special concern.
Before, I was his little sister (12 channels), and that's it!
What I love most: the heat of its natural range and its full extent ...
The least .. besides the breath of muli-effects I had (Lexicon because I sold them because of that ..), not much to say negative!
Price / quality ratio: it seemed good .. and this is confirmed in time, since no problems running only appeared on the table! Compare with digital, and see if they take the road for 11 years without problems ..! In addition, the cold one offered by the digital .. no thank you!
So I remake that choice without hesitation! In any case, an analog Mackie, for sure!