Mackie SR 24.4
Mackie SR 24.4

SR 24.4, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the SR series.

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Lau. 01/01/2014

Mackie SR 24.4 : Lau.'s user review

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on the accuracy because I put a while to find the info: internal table changes (explained in a document Mackie; google) allows to change the routing of many things including auxiliary outputs (eg 3 pairs of the post instead of eq 2)

1 eq semiparametric the medium mono tracks, 4 eq fixed on stereo tracks etc.


everything is clear!


YUM! I had never had professional table so far, and having passed a viola L16 that there I no longer recognized my pieces! happiness! the table is difficult to saturate, when it goes into the red there is always sweet potato etc! For me it was a slap! On electribe that I branch with other synth groove box and I totally found it gave them a second life presence level!

eq does its job, shame stereo tracks do not have a semi-parametric as well (for my use would have been better) etc ... the "air" function subgroups is effective to raise the eq so musical!

Maybe I get carried away but at that price ..


I used 5/6 months back, then row for nomadism ...
What horror to connect my groove boxes then live in the sound card ..
so I can quickly make a comparison with what I know, not necessarily in the same category:

A 2000 scene of an Alto L16
A 40 million places of samson 8 tracks that I forgot the name (my first table mix)

In "comparison" with audio interfaces:
When I put my electribe live in a tc Konnekt 24 D: beeeeeeerk! when I plugged in the Mackie SR24 Konnekt berk also but I have get used to it (the first time I put the hand out of the Mackie output directly on the yamaha HS80 paying attention to the VU meter ... ' javais never heard such a warmth of her home
I have a presonus studio firemobile also, it might be better but far,
a motu ultralite also, maybe it sounded not too bad too, but that was a long time ago and not with the same instruments

The particulité I like the least and that pushes me to find another solution: no direct outs ... not a problem for the live jam machine, but to compose songs quickly today or retouch improve ideas made on the flow afterwards ... erf ... if I can do I modify custody

I rather regret that there is a fixed 4 eq bands on stereo tracks, not a 2 fixed + 1 semi parametric bands