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Subjectiv 08/09/2013

Soundcraft 500 : Subjectiv's user review

«  excellent console »

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Soundcraft 500 are modular analog consoles, exist in 16/24 and 32 channels.

At 6, 8 groups, 4-band EQ with high and low semi-parametric midrange.
Mic / line with switch, phantom power, pad and low cut (100 Hz) on each slice.

Insert and direct out on each channel insert on each group, all connections are symmetrical, external power supply 19-inch rack.


This is a mixer, so not rocket science, it's to be.

English manual clear and detailed.

I use it in a home studio to compose and mix my tracks (electronic, idm).
It is perfect for this use, my only regret is low cut filters, I would have preferred they cut to 80 Hz!
6 are configurable auxiliary (pre-fader/pre-Eq, pre / post and post / post) by removing jumpers slices.

The modularity is very convenient for maintenance or if you want to change a faulty channel or even replace a mono with a stereo.
In this case you must also change one of the input modules on the back, these modules grouped connections of four units, it is better to replace a group of four slices when you wish to change the config.
Simply remove a few screws to access what you want, everything apart from modules.


This console sounds great and breathless!
EQs are accurate and effective.

It adds something nice, warm and musical.

The headphone amplifier is excellent, capable of powering headphones with an impedance of 8 to 600 ohms.


I use this console for about a year.

I used Mackies and Allen & Heath GL2400, I prefer for the Soundcraft sound, its modular design, EQs, manufacturing, external power supply.

Little regret for the low cut at 100 Hz but for my style of music I think.

I would do this choice without hesitation.

If you want an analog console that has a big sound, robust and well done for a reasonable price, go for it, it's a great console!