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shimelo 09/10/2012

Soundcraft 500 : shimelo's user review

«  Excellent! »

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Analog mixer 24 channels, 8 groups, 4 aux sends changed to 6. EQ with 2 semi-parametric
precise and responsive.


There is no easier, no need manual functions are under the fingers


What characterizes this console for me is its tone, its musicality. No breath, a simple and effective EQ, output level important ... that's good!


I just bought a used Soundcraft 500 to € 1,500. It should be 1985 and in excellent condition. Musician and sound engineer for over 40 years, I have used most of the monsters of the 70s, 80s, 90s and digital. Obviously those who have most impressed me are the 73 series NEVE and series 81, series V, but today, even if it is an old fantasy, have such a console is almost impossible, not by its size or even the price (you can find a series Legend 60 channels, the queen of consoles, in super condition for "only" 50,000 euros Audiofanzine on) but its power consumption because the monster has very good appetite, not to mention the air conditioning for cool the beast! ... So what remains today to be put in the tooth? A Yamaha? ... Certainly excellent for the stage, but in the studio, to love ... A Midas or Toft Audio? Very versatile and robust, but as is the pro is not given and the rest as Allen & Heath, Mackie and Company: A good sound (as they say its hot or EQ's English??!, anything! And its always the same because the circuits are all the same construction techniques and assembly limits designed consultancies where we kill each other to save a single screw!. So .. what's left? Well this kind of console about 20 to 25 years of age as the Soundcraft 500, 600, 6000 or 8000 ... and even a good 200B which has the same preamps and EQ that the 500! course they can not compete with NEVE or SSL but it's good. was no need to highlight the "Label Rouge" Caution, his English "because they were English and naturally his English since the 70s ... With them, no need to "warm up" the sound of blows plugs in Pro Tools, the circuit design mass makes them less sensitive to all noise generated by noise digital clocks of computers and sound cards of all kinds are also built with hard, impedance input / output offset well thought quite the absence of essential input transformer and output. Obviously here more security but regardless, most of the components are standard and can be found everywhere in SCV for less common (Vu or small switches) ... Anyway, if you ever come across one of these consoles in your quest for musical , do not go your way. If it is not too ruined (like rust on, under or into the chassis or other signs of abuse, spend time observing an expert if possible), it will bring you naturally sound sensations you are looking for!