Soundcraft EPM8
Soundcraft EPM8

EPM8, Analog Mixer from Soundcraft in the EPM series.

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pe 04/04/2007

Soundcraft EPM8 : pe's user review


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I do not think it's rack, there may be optional fins ...
The connection is very simple: 8 mic / line in jack or XLR, two stereo line inputs in jack, an input "tape" in stereo RCA, two effect sends (pre or post-fader), but not return, must use the stereo tracks. Master XLR output, an output monitor in jack, a headphone independent output "record" in the CAR.
The egualiseur is 3-band parametric mids for microphone inputs, two bands for the stereo line inputs.
Mute and PFL on each track, no solo.
The quality of the faders is correct, the knobs are a little light.


The setup is ultra-simple, as it is really the minimum.
The manual is well done anyway so you do not need this console is simple.


No breath, are very effective equalizers, the sound is rather warm and precise, the dynamics are good.


I use it for six months, I love the simplicity and small size, I use to mix my computer synths and live and home studio, with just the features I need. I had a Mackie and Yamaha MG16 1604VLZ, I prefer the sound almost Soundcraft!
Of course it has nothing to do with a table top of the range, but for anyone who needs a small table cheap, and that sounds good with equalizers, do not hesitate!