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Tascam M-3700
Tascam M-3700

Thread M-3700 question

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1 M-3700 question
Hello , i've just received a tascam m3700 and it looks cool. The only problem is that i cant get any sound to it . I turned on the console and the interface lights up and the buttons for a few things on the board. The write update button and mute button on the bottom fader will not turn off when i press it . also i am wondering on what to do because i think that i hook up the meter bridge to the mixer correctly, ( i hooked up the wires according to the colors that are on the meter bridge, there were a couple of cords that i did not hook up that is in that meter bridge but it should still light up right? i hook my monitors in the stereo outs and i get no sound when i hook my mpc2000 sampler into the first 8 outputs of the mpc. i hope its not broken and i am wondering on what to do because it looks as if all i have to do is hook the monitors in the stereo outs and then hook my keyboard up to the outputs on the mixer and it should work . i was told that i might have to undo an automation mode on the mixer so that i can get the outputs to get unmuted so, i have no idea on what is going on and would really appreciate help if possible ,,,,, thankyou
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There could be a lot of reasons that you're not hearing sound through the M3700. The mixer has multiple signal paths in each channel so you need to make sure you've got the mixer set-up right. I'll walk you through it.

First open up the little panel behind the LCD display and set the mixer to Snapshot mode using the dip switches, there's a legend inside the lid. You'll have to use a pen or stylus to flip the switches. then press the "reset" button next to the switches. The display should read "00 Manual". Now all the fades will respond to where they're set on the desk and not from the VCA setting. The only automation switch which will work will be the "Null" button. all the others are for use with the dynamic automation when synchronized to SMPTE time code.

Plug your monitors/power amp into the Control Room out A connectors.

Next go to the first input module. Plug something that generates sound (ipod, or recorder) into Line Input #1.

Starting at the top of the console, next to the meter bridge.

Rotate the "Trim" to 12:00
Push down the "Line" button - this activates the line in.
Make sure the "Flip" button is up - otherwise the small fader will control the line input.
Go down to the assign switches, above the "Pan" control. Push the "L/R" button Down
Make sure the "Mute" switch is up and the "Mute" LED is out
Press the "Bypass" switch next to the fader - this bypasses the VCA.
Put the "Pan" control at 12:00
Set the Fader at 0db - mid way up its path.

Now go to the Red Master Fader
Press its "Bypass" switch
Set the Fader at 0db - mid way up its path.

Go to the buttons just above the Control Room volume control.
Press Stereo - this takes the sound from the large red fader.
Press "A" this assigns the speakers.
Turn up the Volume control.

Press the "Input" button on the right side of the Meter Bridge - this will show the line input.

Now turn on your audio.
You should see the first channel's meter on the meter bridge registering sound coming into it.
The master VU (the ones with the needles) meters should also show signal
Sound should be heard out of your speakers

This is a very basic explanation of how to get sound through the M3700 - you should really think about contacting Tascam directly (tascam.com) and ordering the Operation and Service Manual. Without it you'll barely scratch the surface of what this mixer can do. It's MIDI and automation capabilities are huge. I've been running this console in a commercial application for more than 10 years with Pro Tools, analog multi-tracks and digital hard disk recorders. I still have no desire to replace this console because I haven't found another that will do what this one does.

Good Luck
Now i have the board with all of the buttons working, i cant get my scroll wheel working, and when i hook up the midi to my midi daw and i select a track with my interface hooked up correctly, the faders mover very fast in a vibrating motion, How can i fix this to use as a mouse or a control surface?

thank you
I see this thread is pretty old but as I cannot find any other info I will post here, in the hopes someone can calm my nightmare.
My Tascam m3700 accidently got turned of by the power plug being pulled from the wall. Now when I turn it on the peak light in eack of the vu meters is lit, as well as every light on the board.
Please HELP!!!! waiting in limbo
Thanks, Lexi

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