Yamaha MG10/2
Yamaha MG10/2

MG10/2, Analog Mixer from Yamaha in the MG series.

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samgratt 04/01/2004

Yamaha MG10/2 : samgratt's user review


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Ben I mean. I do that is taken for the studio, and for the RPTS.
I had a Phonic MM1002, but the Yamaha is better carrment.
4 XLR inputs, it's really not bad at all for a map that price l.
In addition to a 3-band equalizer, although effective, even if I do not use too much, a button and a pan balance for RPTS is really nice mix for returns. Yes, we use returns RPTS, yes ...
: O)
I also love between the I / O, which allows you to connect, such as a compressor for a track.


Everything is really nice, I had a bit of an a priori on the volume knobs, jsute rounds instead of the age-old knobs that are in long, it's true a little more pro. But hey, it's a vanity, because they are Submitted to the console for TRS, even if the scales are too thin compared to guide the volume knob. It's a bit boring for rglages qd same, but hey, hey, hey it's a small console.
The buttons are easily accessible, and the manual clearly Retailer subtlety of operation.
In fact, I put a reference to particulire contribution to the care instructions.
Once again, Yamaha provides much of the cot l. We feel that no matter of fun, and finally reassured.
I love it.


Equalizer effective, not breathing, and high-pass filter is effective.
I have not the hardware pro, but has done really well in her.
For a map of the price I'm pat.


I do not like:
- The look
I really enjoy:
- The price (100 in ngociant) ===> Report Klit / unbeatable price
- The quality of finish
- The manual (There's even advice on mixing, nice!)
- The box for transport (one that makes the diffrence dtail qd is just not afford a fly)
- The 4 XLR + phantom
- Accessibility assistive technology software the buttons (no need to go the tweezers is a good sign)
- The mark (which guarantees a minimum of seriousness, I think)
- A more than adequate qualiseur
- The two returns (at) super apprciables.